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Teachers, are you facing:
managing children's behaviour?

to teaching
and learning?

we are here to help

overview of what we do



Behaviour Policy Review:

Is consistency and clarity the current reality?

We help school leaders to ensure that their behaviour policy is both common knowledge and common practice.


Will You be the One? Behaviour Management Workshops.

Choosing to cherish children in challenging moments.

We provide behaviour management training that inspires school staff to believe that their caring presence can transform children's lives.

about TRACEY

Tracey Campbell is the Director and Lead Trainer of

Together Transforming Behaviour Ltd.

She is a Behaviour Management Consultant, Coach, Trainer,

Teacher, Speaker and Author.

Tracey began her career as a primary school teacher

and quickly established herself as a positive and

dynamic practitioner; renowned for her vivacious style

of teaching.


Tracey's ability to positively engage with children with

behaviour difficulties was quickly detected leading to her

becoming one of the UK’s first Advanced Skills Teachers

in Behaviour Management.

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Will You be the One?

Is challenging behaviour getting in the way of teaching

and learning in your classroom?


Are you feeling discouraged, your repertoire of

behaviour management strategies exhausted?


Challenging behaviour can make even the most

experienced teacher feel de-skilled and incompetent...

Will You be the One? is more than a list of dos and

don'ts for effective behaviour management; it is a

compelling exploration into the heart of the issues

behind challenging behaviour.

Will You be the One? is a timely reminder of why you

chose this career and a beacon of hope through the

emotional trials of managing behaviour.

Behaviour Basics for Parents

Does your approach to parenting set your children up for

success at school?

What happens when behaviour expectations at home and

school do not match?

A strong partnership between school and home is vital

because parents can either help or hinder the work teachers

do to help children develop...

Behaviour basics for parents is a must-read for any parent

or carer who is fully committed to providing the guidance

needed so that children engage and excel at school. It offers

the behavioural 'tools from schools' and gives parents an

'inside scoop' on the approaches used to bring out the best

in children and prepare them for the wider world.




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Will You Be The One_
Behaviour Management Workshop for Traine
Will You be the One Behaviour Management
Behaviour Basics for Parents Workshop at
My second book - Behaviour Basics for Pa
Will You be the One Behaviour Management
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