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Business Meeting
Behaviour Policy Review: 
Is consistency and clarity the current reality?

Conducted with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) this thorough behaviour policy analysis examines the effectiveness of the current behaviour policy. Firstly, school leaders are probed to consider whether the policy is reflective of the school's vision and values and whether it provides school staff with a workable document that clearly outlines the agreed code of conduct.

Next, leaders are provided with a set of criteria against which they assess the effectiveness of their policy in relation to; Clarity, Consistency and Common Language.

Behaviour Review Format:
day One:

An analysis of the current behaviour policy. This assesses the clarity and coverage of the policy in providing clear guidance to stake holders about the agreed code of conduct.


This is followed by the distribution of questionnaires for pupils and staff, to gather views about the school community's understanding of the current behaviour policy.

An on-site behaviour for learning walk, during which a consultant will observe behaviour across the school, speaking to teachers and pupils and assessing the presence or absence of policy in practice.

A written report is provided for the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).

day Two:

A meeting follows with members of the school council to discuss the questionnaire results and ascertain pupil's views and recommendations about the management of behaviour in school.


An on-site meeting with SLT to share the findings from the behaviour for learning walk, policy review and staff/student questionnaires.

The SLT are then guided through a process which seeks to help them measure the level of consistency and continuity between the school's stated mission and values and the behaviour policy in place.

day Three:

An on-site INSET with the whole staff team to share the revised approaches to behaviour.  This INSET also includes:


  • The WHAT of Behaviour:  Putting on display what they cannot say

  • The WHO of Behaviour:   Be what you want to see in children

  • The WHY of Behaviour:    Behaviour speaks, what does it say?

  • The HOW of Behaviour:   Responding with consistency, care and calm 

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