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Together Transforming Behaviour Ltd

Together Transforming Behaviour Ltd (formerly known as Be the One Transforming Behaviour Ltd) works with teachers, parents and children providing consultancy and coaching in behaviour management.


We offer lasting solutions to all of your training needs by

helping to build capacity within teams to support all staff

in managing behaviour effectively. Packages can be

tailored to support the specific training needs of whole

schools or individual teachers through one-to-one

behaviour management coaching.


We exist to influence change in the hearts and minds of people concerning how they look at children who exhibit challenging behaviour. Our workshops consist of more than a list of ‘dos and don’ts’ for effective behaviour management; our strategies are realistic and practical and have been proven to work in the most difficult situation.


Our approach is holistic providing support for teachers, parents and children; a model which has yielded amazing results. The Behaviour Basics for Parents Programme takes participants through the behavioural ‘tools from schools’ and gives parents an ‘inside scoop’ on the approaches used to bring out the best in children and prepare them for the wider world. It is a series of six workshops exploring the reasons behind behaviour and the remedy for when it becomes hard to manage. 


We work with children through our Live Your Dreams transition programme which is designed to help them prepare for success at secondary school.  Through an engaging six week programme we dispel many of the myths around secondary transition and help pupils identify the behaviour patterns that could help or hinder secondary success.


We would relish the opportunity to work with you so do get in touch or check us out on one of our social media platforms.

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