Tracey Campbell

Tracey Campbell is the Director and Lead Trainer of

Together Transforming Behaviour Ltd (formerly known

as Be the One Transforming Behaviour Ltd). She is a

Behaviour Management Consultant, Coach, Trainer,

Teacher, Speaker and Author of two books:

Will You be the One? and Behaviour Basics for Parents.

Tracey began her career as a Primary School Teacher

and quickly established herself as a positive and

dynamic practitioner; renowned for her vivacious style

of teaching.


Tracey's ability to positively engage with children with behaviour difficulties was quickly detected leading to her becoming one of only a few Advanced Skills Teachers in Behaviour Management.

Tracey has her own moving story of multiple exclusions from school and her encounter with a supportive teacher, which she uses to inspire adults working in education; to look beyond a child's behaviour and see the need to be a constant caring presence who conveys hope and commitment.

She says "I'm convinced my story is not unique - I got into heaps of trouble at school because of my own behaviour and I remember many of my teachers having little or no hope that I would change. I was however, fortunate enough to have one teacher whose belief in me despite my behaviour had a profound impact on my life. Despite many negative predictions about my future; I now spend my days teaching teachers how to manage behaviour. This happened because one teacher never lost sight of ME in the midst of my behaviour. She never let go of the hope that I could do more, be more and become more."

This life-changing experience with a teacher at school was what led Tracey to the teaching profession and later to setting up her own behaviour management consultancy. She is now renowned for motivating teachers to move ideas about behaviour management from common knowledge to common practice.

Her Will You be the One? behaviour management workshops have been described as 'incredibly inspirational' and 'immensely powerful.' These workshops featured as part of the Investing in Diversity Programme at the Institute of Education.

Her approaches to behaviour management coaching is solution focused. Tracey's expertise and perceptiveness in this area has helped a number of teachers to successfully wade through the emotional trials of managing behaviour.

Tracey also designed and delivers the Behaviour Basics Programme for Parents.

Her programme featured in the 2014 Channel 4 documentary Mr Drew's School for Boys. As the resident behaviour consultant on the show, Tracey led parents through her Behaviour Basics Programme with astonishing results. She later featured on ITV's This Morning and BBC Radio 5 Live discussing the impact of her work with parents at the summer school.

Her first book Will You be the One? Touching the hearts of teachers, changing the lives of children with challenging behaviour was published in 2012. Her second title Behaviour Basics for Parents; Giving You the Tools from Schools was published in 2017.

With over twenty years' experience working with children and young people and as a former teacher, Tracey is passionate about and unapologetic in her advocacy for children who some say deserve our love the least but she believes need our love the most.

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