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The online course consists of four 45 minute videos, which cover the following topics:

How can you deal with what you feel?

Is it true that this happens to you?

Is there something in your way?

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What's the sound when you're around?

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Each videoed session has an accompanying workbook for pupils to note their responses to questions and interactive tasks.

The recorded sessions require minimal facilitation by class teachers and the ONLY prep required is the printing of the workbook. 

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Year 6 teachers:
Year 6 pupils:

'I found the online lessons really helpful and reassuring that everyone goes through secondary transfer. I found them interesting to watch

and I am now a lot less fearful and anxious of what comes ahead because of them!'

Year 6 pupil, St Mark's CE Primary School


'Although secondary transition is overwhelming, the online course helped me to see that it's only one thing that is changing and not everything.'

Year 6 pupil, Emmanuel Community School