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Teacher and Student
Will You be the One?
Behaviour Management Training

This series of workshops get right to the heart of the issues that lie beneath challenging behaviour and provides powerful insight into why misbehaviour exists and, in some cases, persists. Behaviour roots and motives are clearly examined - giving participants vital insight into the inner dialogue of pupils with behaviour needs.

School staff are presented with a compelling case for the importance of adults managing their own behaviour responses so as to move beyond dictation to demonstration in their interactions with children.

 We teach school staff the 4 Ps of

Transformative Behaviour Intervention:

The behaviour policy is central to the management of behaviour in schools, but in many cases, the policy is on paper but not in practice. Learn how to bring the principles of your policy from the background to the foreground.
Schools exist for the primary purpose of teaching and learning, however so often teaching time is monopolised by the management of behaviour. This trend can be reversed. 
Pupils for whom behaviour is a challenge need adults to stick with them for the
long-haul. Learn how to manage the strong feelings aroused by challenging behaviour by holding on to the belief that every child has the capacity to change. 
One of the keys to creating sustained behaviour change is to increase your use of praise because pupils will note what you promote. This is the primary means through which pupils get 'feedback' and validation about their behaviour.

Workshop Delivery Options:

Will You be the One?
Whole day (5.5 hours) in-person OR online training

Topics covered:

  • The roots and motives of behaviour

  • What students display and say

  • The right response

  • Policy in practice

  • The joys of teaching boys

  • Speaking so students hear and heed

Will You be the One?
3 x 1.5 hours online workshops
(One per term)

The following online sessions are delivered LIVE and NOT pre-recorded:


  • Session One: The WHAT and WHY of Behaviour

  • Session Two: Feelings and Dealings

  • Session Three: Policy in Practice

Will You be the One?
Half day (2.5 hours) in-person OR online training

Topics covered:

  • The roots and motives of behaviour

  • What students display and say

  • The right response

  • Policy in practice

As a result of the 

‘Will You be the One?’ INSET our                                              whole approach to behaviour                                                    management has changed. Staff                                                are more ready to “spot the                                                      positive” and this approach has                                                been incorporated into our                                                        behaviour policy. Within school,                                                staff take time to listen to the children, refrain from shouting and therefore are better able to meet the children’s needs.


We had two children join our school  who had been excluded from their previous schools. They settled in beautifully and there were no behaviour issues. I have no doubt the ‘Will You be the One?’ INSET contributed to the way in which these children were supported within our school during this difficult transition.

The INSET encouraged a great deal of reflection and soul searching in all staff which was immensely powerful.‘    


L Gavin, Headteacher, Pakeman Primary School

Lynne Gavin.jpg


"The most engaging session we have had. Brilliantly explained with plenty of real-life examples. Has enriched my professional growth as a teacher." 
Trainee Teacher, LDBS SCITT
Untitled design (8).jpg
"The best INSET I have had - LOVED IT! It actually made me think about how I can change the way that I respond to behaviour."
Class Teacher, The Willow Primary School
"Very powerful - lots of possibility and encouragement for reflection on our own practice and behaviour.
Y5 Class Teacher, St Mark's CE Primary School
City Year.jpg
"This presentation will make a massive impact, I feel totally motivated and inspired to continue with the work that I do."
Senior Corp, City Year London
"This has been the most eye opening training I have ever had. It answered questions about my own and the children's behaviour. Amazing!"
Y3/4 ClassTeacher, 
Pakeman Primary School
Newington green.jpg
"Good to think about cause, feelings and behaviour. Lots of practical things to take into the classroom tomorrow."
Class Teacher, Newington Green Primary School
Newington green.jpg
"It was useful to reflect on the school policy and how it can be implemented more consistently."
Teaching Assistant, Newington Green Primary School
Montem PS.jpg
"Great session, full of inspiration. Has changed my perception of children with behaviour issues."
Y3 Class Teacher, Montem Primary School
"An excellent opportunity to reflect on my approach to children's behaviour and consider how my reaction can impact the situation."
Class Teacher, Christ the King CE School
Southwold PS.png
"Really highlighted the cause of the behaviours I see in my classroom and how I need to respond to get through to children."
Class Teacher, Southwold Primary School
St Andrews.jpg
"Very impressed with Tracey's confident and straight-talking style. She's obviously very knowledgeable about her subject."
Teaching Assistant, St Andrew's CE Primary School
Cambridge Education, Islington.jpg
"Was great to finally get some useful training on behaviour management. Every school would benefit from this presentation."
Islington NQT Programme
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