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Behaviour Basics for Parents course
Are you seeking effective ways to engage parents/carers about the issues of behaviour?

Behaviour Basics is a series of six interactive workshops that give parents/carers the behavioural tools from schools needed to understand the reasons and remedies for misbehaviour. 

These workshops seek to strengthen the partnership between the two places where children spend most of their time; school and home. 

Using an interactive and engaging approach parents are given the 'inside scoop' on the behavioural 'tools from schools' that are used to encourage children towards positive behaviour choices.


This course takes parents/carers through the 4 Cs of transformed behaviour: 

Clarify – be clear about the WHY of behaviour. 

Communication how you say what you say is KEY! 

Commendwhat you praise, stays! 

Continueit's not what you start but what you stick with that counts.

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This programme featured in the 2014 Channel 4 documentary 
'Mr Drew's School for Boys'
Course outline:
You live with children, we work with children.
let's work together!
Have a sneak peak at a training session here
Don't just take our word for it, hear what  parents have to say about the course:
Behaviour - What's it all about?
Understanding the reasons and remedies for misbehaviour
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ABC is the agreed order
The place of rules and routines for making behaviour expectations clear and fair
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Say it like you mean it
Guiding children with your words and your ways
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Behaviour Basics for Parents Course 

If you see it, say it
Learning how to use praise to promote positive behaviour
Establishing a strong parental partnership
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If you see it, say it
Start the day the right way
Ironing out the creases in the morning routine
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impact of the course:
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