Behaviour Basics for Parents

About the Course:

Behaviour Basics for Parents is a series of six workshops designed to give

parents and carers the understanding and tools to manage their children's 

behaviour effectively.

It gives attendees both the reasons and remedies for misbehaviour.

The strategies provided have been proven to be effective for both preventing

and responding to misbehaviour when it occurs.

These workshops seek to strengthen the partnership between the two places where children spend most of their time; school and home. 

Using an interactive and engaging approach parents are given the 'inside scoop' on the behavioural 'tools from schools' that are used to encourage children towards positive behaviour choices. 


Participants finish the course with a well-stocked toolkit enabling them to

confidently create the kind of home environment that is conduce to

positive behaviour. 

Course Outline:

  • The reasons and remedies for misbehaviour

  • How to guide children with your words and your ways

  • The place and power of priase

  • Speaking a language children understand

  • Parents working in partnership​

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