Live Your Dreams

Live Your Dreams is a dynamic and engaging transition programme for Year 6 pupils, designed to help them dispel many of the myths surrounding the transition to secondary school.  The workshops help pupils examine their feelings about change and challenges them to identify behaviour patterns that can either help or hinder secondary success.

Pupils get the opportunity to discuss the kind of contribution they wish

to make to their secondary school communities and consider the

characteristics and attitudes needed to make these dreams a reality.

Year 6 pupils consistently report a positive change in their attitudes

about secondary school brought about by the confidence and clarity

that this course produces.

Course Outline:

-How do I deal with what I Feel?

Facing feelings

-Is it true that this happens to You?

Dispelling myths

-Is there something in your Way?

Identifying barriers

- Do you know where you're going To?

Chasing dreams

-What's the sound when you're Around?

Adding value

-How far is far Enough?

Finishing strong

This 6 week programme includes a theme song which pupils can learn and perform at their Year 6 Leavers Assembly.

Song written and performed by Programme Director Tracey Campbell (Andrew Small co-writer).

Live Your Dreams T-shirts are also available upon request.


This year the programme
is available as 
An Online digital programme
Hear from Programme Director: Tracey Campbell

Hear what year 6 pupils say

George Tomlinson Primary School

"Live Your Dreams helped me to think about the things I need to change. I liked Tracey's story because it helped me to realise that a person can change."

"My favourite session was No.6 because it taught me not to give up."

"I learnt that I need to stay focussed and

not get distracted."

Weston Park Primary School

"The programme helped by reassuring me about things that happen at secondary school."

"It really helped me to listen to what

everyone else felt."

"The video clips we watched made me

feel calmer."

Thornhill Primary School

"I feel confident and ready to go."

"It helped me to see that secondary school is not as scary as what people say."

"I loved Tracey's video about moving from troublemaker to teacher."

The Willow Primary School

"The sessions told the truth about secondary school and helped me see that it's not that bad."

"It helped me not to feel scared if I get lost."

"My favourite session was 'The Real Deal about Secondary School' because we heard the truth from Year 7s on the video."

Muswell Hill Primary School

"'Don't Stop till you get Enough' was my favourite lesson because it taught me not to give up."

"Tracey told us that in school she wasn't a good kid and that a teacher helped her."

"My favourite lesson was No.4 because I haven't really thought about setting goals since Year 1!"

St Mark's CE Primary School

"The course helped me to see that laziness could

get in my way."

"I was feeling shy before but now I feel excited because I know more about what will happen in secondary school."

"I saw the true side of secondary school

through 'The Gossip Game'."

Bruce Grove Primary School

"It made me think that I need to stop talking when 

the class are trying to do work."

"Now I know what obstacles I need to tackle

for secondary school."

"The course made me think differently about

talking back to teachers."

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