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Founding Director of Together Transforming Behaviour

Behaviour Consultant - Coach - Trainer -  Advanced Skills Teacher in Behaviour Management.


Through solution-focused coaching and training, Tracey teaches parents the 4 transformational tools needed to radically improve children’s behaviour. The impact of her work is unquestionable;


Tracey has over twenty years of experience in education where she began as a primary school teacher; quickly becoming known for her firm, fair and fun approach to classroom management.
She has spent the last ten years working as a behaviour management consultant during which time Tracey has worked alongside hundreds of families, helping them deal more confidently and effectively with their children's behaviour.
She is the author of 'Behaviour Basics for Parents; Giving You the Tools from Schools,' which is the accompanying book to her training course for parents entitled 'Behaviour Basics.'
This course teaches parents the 4 Cs necessary for moving from chaos to calm:
Clarify, Communicate, Commend and Continue.

Tracey featured on the 2014 Channel 4 documentary entitled 'Mr Drew's School for Boys,' where she was responsible for coaching and training a group of parents whose children were on the brink of school exclusion. Her non-judgemental and supportive approach turned a group of anxious parents into a courageous group; ready to face the future with renewed strength. Tracey went on to feature on ITV's This Morning and BBC Radio 5 Live; sharing her insights into how parents can regain control of their children's behaviour. 

As well as her Behaviour Basics Course, Tracey offers more personalised support
through 1-1 coaching. Through a targeted and tailored package parents are taken on a journey to uncover the root of the problems and regain control and calm.

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