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behaviour Basics for Parents course

Has defiance become a part of your daily reality?
Has shouting become the only way to get your message across?

Behaviour Basics is a series of six online webinars that give parents/carers the behavioural tools from schools needed to understand the reasons and remedies for misbehaviour


This course will take you through the 4 Cs of transformed behaviour: 


Clarify – be clear about the WHY of behaviour.

 Communication how you say what you say is KEY! 

Commendwhat you praise, stays! 

Continueit's not what you start, but what you stick with that counts.

Course outline below:

Behaviour. What's it all about?
Understanding the reasons and remedies for misbehaviour
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ABC is the agreed order
The place of rules and routines for making behaviour expectations clear and fair
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Say it like you mean it
Guiding children with your words and your ways
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Behaviour Basics for Parents Course 

If you see it, say it
Learning how to use praise to promote positive behaviour
Establishing a strong parental partnership
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Start the day the right way
Ironing out the creases in the morning routine
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Each online session is one hour in duration and is a mixture of training,

whole group discussions and smaller breakout groups. 

hear what parents/carers have to say
about the course:

"I found this to be the most helpful parenting advice I have received since I became a parent 10 years ago. The recommendations are easy to digest and can be implemented straight away. The Zoom format worked surprisingly well. I really liked the mix of presentation, whole group discussion and smaller break out groups."

Beth, mum of two

"I really enjoyed the course.  It covered some essential basics about consistent and clear

communication with children which has helped me step-up my parenting and manage difficult

situations more calmly and effectively. It was particularly useful as a dad.

There's not much guidance out there for men, as we try to parent more actively than our own fathers

did a generation ago."

Gerald, dad of two

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