Behaviour Management Coaching

Is challenging or low level behaviour getting in the way of teaching and learning

in YOUR classroom?

Is YOUR repertoire of behaviour management strategies exhausted? 


Behaviour Management Coaching is a transformative process through which class teachers are supported through the often emotional trials of managing classroom behaviour.

As a former inner-city Primary School teacher, Tracey Campbell has dealt with many of the situations that teachers face. She is skilled at arming teachers with the motivation and strategies needed to identify the blind spots in whole class behaviour management and coaching them in how to best encourage children to make positive behaviour choices.


The on-going cycle of support and professional dialogue has

helped many teachers gain clarity about their role and

responsibility in ensuring that the classroom environment is a

safe place where all children can effectively engage in learning.

The coaching is solution focused and clients are quickly

supported in pin-pointing what needs to be adjusted in their

classroom practice in order to have a firm handle on the

classroom dynamics, thus creating and sustaining a learning environment conducive to compliance, collaboration and quality work output.


Key features of the coaching process:


  • Policy in practice - is the school policy known and used?

  • Praise v criticism - what is the primary focus?

  • Seated and settled - are children seated where they can learn best?

  • Recognition and reward - is it clear what type of behaviour is expected?

  • Strains and drains - where are the behaviour 'hotspots?'


How does it work?


Clients book in for either 4, 8 or 12 coaching sessions.

The coaching cycle involves:

Classroom observations (60mins): The focus of which is

behaviour. Observations are noted of the behaviour of all

the individuals within the learning space and how it is

managed by adults.

Observation feedback (30mins): Feedback is given after every observation and is a key time for a identifying good practice and areas to develop.

Agreed action points: During the feedback clients are supported in identifying areas for further development and these then become the focus for further observations.

Further Support:

As well as the observations and feedback clients can also receive help with:

  • Behaviour planning for an individual child / group of children.

  • ​Demo lessons delivered by the coach to model strategies.

  • ​Team teaching with an agreed focus.

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Clear and concise feedback given in a timely manner. Tracey highlighted positive aspects of practice, in addition to areas for development/improvement. I always felt like Tracey was on my side and helping me, as opposed to judging my teaching.

Y4 teacher, Christ the King CE Primary School

The steps given to changing behaviour management were small and manageable. Each week’s targets built on the previous session. It was interesting to learn how effective constant referral to the school rules impacted on behaviour, as the children have started quoting them for themselves when discussing and resolving issues with behaviour.

Y4 teacher, Montem Primary School

Feedback from Tracey was consistently constructive and set realistic targets for each session, as well as consolidating targets from the previous sessions. My relationship with my pupils has greatly improved and it is now second-nature for me to refer to the language of the school rules.

Y3 teacher, Thomas Fairchild Primary School

I am a much more vigilant teacher with higher expectations for behaviour. I focus a lot more on the positive behaviour within my classroom and have been helped to use a more assertive tone.

Y2 teacher, The Willow Primary School

As a teacher I am more conscious of the need to set expectations for behaviour at every juncture during my lessons and I am far more aware of insisting on behaviour for learning; sitting facing the front with both feet on the floor.  The coaching gave me more of a range of tools to establish quiet in my classroom.

Y5 teacher, The Willow Primary School

Tracey gave me a lot of low level strategies to manage behaviour, like simply repositioning myself next to children who were becoming distracted.  These low level strategies have contributed greatly to a smoother learning experience for the children.

Y3 teacher, Harris Primary Academy Peckham Park

The display of the class rules has really helped to provide a visual reference point for my children and makes it really clear what the agreed code of conduct is.  Tracey helped me to refer to the rules more readily during my lessons by linking praise and warnings to the rules. 

Y1 teacher, St James Hatcham C of E Primary School

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